Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella

9419Life has been good for Becky Bloomwood: She’s become the best personal shopper at Barneys, she and her successful entrepreneurial boyfriend, Luke, are living happily in Manhattan’s West Village, and her new next-door neighbor is a fashion designer! But with her best friend, Suze, engaged, how can Becky fail to notice that her own ring finger is bare? Not that she’s been thinking of marriage (or diamonds) or anything . . . Then Luke proposes! Bridal registries dance in Becky’s head. Problem is, two other people are planning her wedding: Becky’s overjoyed mother has been waiting forever to host a backyard wedding, with the bride resplendent in Mum’s frilly old gown. While Luke’s high-society mother is insisting on a glamorous, all-expenses-paid affair at the Plaza. Both weddings for the same day. And Becky can’t seem to turn down either one. Can everyone’s favorite shopaholic tie the knot before everything unravels?

First book of the year, on the first day of the year! Hopefully I'll continue on this way and avoid another of those nasty 3 month long reading slumps in 2014!

I loved this book -  I love all the Shopaholic books. This isn't going to be a long review because there isn't all that much for me to say apart from the fact that I loved it. It's so overly stupid and unrealistic that it's entertaining that it really drags you out of your own world.

Becky, the main character, is ridiculous and extravagant but underneath is loving and kind and is exactly the kind of character that this type of book needs to carry the story - every reader can relate to her in some aspect and it makes her much more likeable. Luke is amazing, as always, and I especially enjoyed when he had his mini-breakdown and we got to see underneath the hard exterior for once. Suze has been and always will be my favourite though - she's so hilarious and down to earth.

The only problem I had with this book was that is was a little bit too long. I found myself reading the same situation over and over - with Becky deciding and not deciding and changing her mind all the time. At first it's enjoyable, but after a while it gets boring.

Overall I give this book 4/5 stars. It was amazing, and exactly what I needed to get me out of that horrible slump!

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