Tuesday, 16 April 2013

(A Late) Top Ten Words

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish Blog.
This weeks theme was a rewind - a revisit to an older post or one that you missed. Seem as this is my first Top Ten, it was perfect for me!
I decided to go with a post from a few years ago - My Top Ten Words. I love words, but I love some more than others, so I though this would be fun post to share with you all!
1. Exacerbate  - I like to make things worse.
2. Discombobulate - Just because.
3. Ostensibly - It just makes me feel so posh that I can't help saying it.
4. Lackadaisical - I'm just too lazy to use this word, but I do love it. (harharrrrr)
5. Phobophobia - Don't judge my fears.
6. Evitable - Purely because inevitable is used so much more.
7. Asphyxiate - I need one word on this list I can't pronounce.
8. Magnanimous - I have no reasoning for this one. It is just there.
9. Juxtaposition - Analysing Shakespeare nearly killed this word for me. But only nearly. I STILL LOVE IT.
10. Totalitarianism - I RULE ALL.
Those are my Top Ten Words! Let me know some of yours below.


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  2. Hello Astrid- My words are as follows...
    Aegis- Zues' breast plate. I'm a geek.
    Bumbledom- It sounds like a Harry Potter word. Once again I'm a geek.
    Apothecary- I do a lot of Shakespeare. Once again... geek.
    Exorbitant- People look at you funny when you say that word.
    Juxtaposition- I do a lot of theatre… geek.
    Smoogle- It's a word I made up.
    Fantastical- Fun word.
    Hyperbole- I never use this word to describe myself.
    Kaleidoscope- Try saying it without smiling.
    Logorrhea- I may at times be guilty of this.
    Tom- That's not a word… It's my name… I think.