Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler

Why We Broke Up'I'm telling you why we broke up, Ed. I'm writing it in this letter, the whole truth of why it happened.

Min Green and Ed Slaterton are breaking up, so Min is writing Ed a letter and giving him a box. Inside the box is why they broke up. Two bottle caps, a movie ticket, a folded note, a box of matches, a protractor, books, a toy truck, a pair of ugly earrings, a comb from a motel room, and every other item collected over the course of a giddy, intimate, heartbreaking relationship. Item after item is illustrated and accounted for, and then the box, like a girlfriend, will be dumped.'

I thought the whole concept of this book was really unique and was intriuged by it from the start. I was also really excited as it was written by Daniel Handler, who happens to be one of my favourite authors, so I am happy to say I wasn't too disappointed.

The writing style was one of the main things that I enjoyed throughout the book, as expected. Daniel Handler's writing is hilariously witty and sarcastic, and it really made the banter between Min and Ed believable.

I also really liked the characters, particularly Min and Al. I felt sorry for Al when Min got too caught up by Ed to really pay much attention to him anymore, but he was still there at the end when they, inevitably, break up. I wasn't so much a fan of Ed as he was too sure of himself and I could pretty much guess what was going to happen from the start.

This isn't the kind of book where you are waiting to find out what happens, as you can tell from the title and the synopsis what the entire novel is leading up to. I found that due to that it could be a little dragged out at times, and I felt it could have been a little shorter for a bigger effect.

I just want to mention the illustrations by Maira Kalman that are dotted throughout the book. They were absolutely amazing, and complimented the writing well. This book is definitely a pretty one to have on your shelf!

Overall, I gave Why We Broke Up 4/5 stars.


  1. At first I was like.. Hmm I don't think I really want to read a book about a breakup but your review made it sound so interesting, witty and quite fun. So I will shurrup and go over to Amazon. Great review as always. Thanks.